Why LightHouse DC?

LightHouse DC (“LightHouse”) is an incorporated organization of Washington, DC, founded in February 2017 by nonprofit and community leaders. LightHouse was formed in response to a glaring problem: lack of furniture and household goods for homeless and low-income people who secure housing. Many families and individuals who obtain housing are forced to live in an empty space, eat or sleep on the floor, or even delay moving in. As a result, they are denied the basic enjoyment and benefits of a stable home.


One family at a time, we turn empty spaces into homes for homeless or low-income residents who have secured affordable housing. We seek to channel community generosity to those we serve, uplifted by volunteers, partnerships, and donated household goods. 

The LightHouse DC Solution

LightHouse is part of the “Housing First” approach...

LightHouse is part of the “Housing First” approach, which provides that the first step to transitioning from homelessness is a stable home.  This includes not only a secure space, but also a functioning living space with basic furniture and household goods. Once that home is established, then the individual or family can actually benefit from wrap-around services such as education, counseling, and job training.

We address the critical gap in the continuum of care ...

We address the critical gap in the continuum of care by delivering re-purposed furniture and household goods, thereby creating homes that restore stability and independence in people’s lives. A major distinction of our work is that we deliver, and aim to end massive waitlists and delay times.

By focusing directly on this part of the continuum, we also reduce the burden on our nonprofit and government partners who offer important services to families and individuals, and we help the environment by using quality goods that would otherwise go to waste.